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At Revved Business, our game plan is simple… Get your business found online and customers contacting you for products or services with Internet marketing (SEO San Antonio and SEO Boerne). We focus on increasing your company’s online visibility with the end goal of increasing your profit. We generate leads for your business so you can turn the leads into clients and profit.

With over 20 years of experience helping businesses succeed online, our team of Internet marketing professionals is dedicated to maximizing your online presence to drive the future growth of your business and optimize your lead generation. As the digital landscape continues to shift, we’ll make sure you and your business stay on the cutting edge, providing you with solid solutions for new problems. When it comes to Internet marketing for your business, we’ve learned that a proven strategy always produces proven results. And that’s why at Revved Business, we take care of the details so you can take care of what’s truly important: running your business.

Are you ready to grow your business online? Our Internet marketing gurus at Revved Business will help your business think big and be found with SEO San Antonio. So, let’s get down to it— it’s time to generate leads, accelerate sales, and get your business all revved up.

internet marketing seo san antonio seo boerne

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We Do Internet Marketing | SEO San Antonio | SEO Boerne

So Your Business Is Found On The Web

internet marketing seo san antonio seo boerne

We know that small and medium businesses are great at what they do, and we also know that creating a successful Internet marketing strategy to expand your online visibility can sometimes be quite a challenge—and that’s why we know we can help.

Generating leads is critical to the growth of any business, regardless of size or industry. Our Revved Business team delivers a custom approach for each of our clients that allow your business to get in front of potential clients and drive new leads. From boosting your local search visibility to building you a mobile-friendly website that not only looks good, but produces leads, Revved Business will take your business to a whole new level.  We’re results-driven, and we’re highly committed to bringing measurable growth and success to each and every one of our clients—and we won’t stop until we do.

Our team’s playbook combines a variety of different Internet marketing strategies, with SEO San Antonio and SEO Boerne that all work towards the common goal of increasing your visibility and earning leads. It’s all about location, location, location—we want to get your business and your message in front of the right eyeballs, front and center with potential customers. To make this happen, we tackle Internet marketing from local search optimization for your business, website development, pay per click advertising, social media marketing and management, email marketing, content creation and blogging. Every little action can help to achieve a win for your business, and with Revved Business, that’s our game plan.

Who We Serve For Internet Marketing

Service Industries | Contractors | Doctors | Dentists | Attorneys

Our Internet marketing gurus are happy to serve small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) of all types from all across the United States. We specialize in helping companies with 1-250 employees who are looking to dominate their particular service industry by jumping ahead of the competition with Internet marketing to achieve an elevated online presence. If you’re searching for leads, we’ll show you the way.

Many of our clients include phone-driven businesses that do not currently operate out of a retail location. Our Revved team has worked with businesses in a variety of different service industries, including landscaping companies, tree trimmers, carpet and rug cleaners, painters, maintenance technicians, air conditioning and HVAC repair services, and many more to help them with their Internet marketing. While many of our clients don’t operate out of retail locations, many others do. From doctors and dentists, to attorneys, architects, engineers, contractors, mechanics, and chiropractors, our team is happy to help grow your business and achieve your Internet marketing goals.

Any business, any service, any industry, any location—you’ll always have one thing in common: the need to be in front of your customers, whether that’s online, over the phone, or in person. You want your business to be present online, but more importantly, you need your business to be found by your potential customers.  Revved Business will put your business on the map with our Internet marketing, getting you right where you need to be and guaranteeing that when we get you there, you’ll look your best. Wherever you are and whatever you do, you can count on us to deliver the Internet marketing (SEO San Antonio and SEO Boerne) you need for your small or medium business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO, aka search engine optimization… 3 big words that have an even bigger impact on your business. Not going to get into the technical details because the reality is Google and Bing simply don’t reveal what all the ranking factors are in their algorithms. But we can tell you that location, content, social media interactions, and your business’ influence in the market place are the Internet marketing factors you can control. Hired someone to help you “game the system”… how’s that working out? Let us help you out with SEO San Antonio and SEO Boerne…

Plenty of people all over the world make a living by knowing how to get the most out of search engines with search engine optimization or SEO. Despite this, so many business owners still seem happy to focus on anything BUT getting top hits for their business website. The reasoning is usually something along the lines of: “Well, my company is based in the real world, internet marketing isn’t that important…” Hear that sound? That’s the sound of dollar bills in the wind, coming from internet-generated leads that could be landing on your site and converting as we speak.

Maybe you’re well-aware of the importance of search engines. Perhaps you even run a primarily-online website. Yet you feel stuck, as if the search engines aren’t showing you enough love. We can help with all your internet marketing. Many are predicting that “this year” might be the year when Google’s competition starts making a stand. True or not, the inner workings behind the biggest search engine are constantly changing, bit by bit.

seo san antonio search engine optimization revved business

They’ll probably be similar a month from now, but what about 5 years into the future? Can you afford to lose your step? I like to start off by talking to my clients about what is, in their minds, the ideal spot for their website. Then, we slowly start making this dream a reality together, page by page, click by click.

Did you know that, depending on the type of business your run, a single shoutout by the right site could instantly translate to a dozen or more new clients? Hard to put a price on that. What if half of them end up being your long-term customers for years to come?

A good part of what SEO is about is just improving the quality of your site. You might not realize it now, but there could be plenty of resolutions that can’t render your site properly. Recently, Google brought forth something that many have dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’ – an era of mobile devices ruling search engines. Because your site isn’t optimized for mobile users, Google might be making you invisible to many – including your prospective clientele.

No website is an island. As part of your SEO journey, you’ll need to work on creating so-called backlinks that will lead people back to your site. This won’t just let you enjoy higher traffic – each new site adds a bit more chance that search engine users will come across you with their queries.

SEO work is the type of effort that pays over a lengthy period of time. Think of it as planting seeds so that wonderful, green money tree can grow. The more you work on optimizing your site, the more you will become respectable in the all-seeing eyes of Google. Besides, many users don’t focus as much on the ads that are shoved in their face – they prefer to put their trust in search engines and let them decide which sites are best. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start optimizing your whole business with a couple of smart clicks!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM, aka search engine marketing, what the heck does that mean? The difference between a dud and a stud… That’s what. Just having a pretty face on the internet with your website doesn’t mean anyone is ever going to notice. You’ve probably heard the saying “location, location, location” and while that is still true for physical locations, it’s more true in the digital arena, and along with that is “advertising, advertising, advertising”… Old school marketing meet the new champ – search engine marketing.

search engine marketing san antonio seo revved business

Look here. Advertising works. Did you notice the beautiful woman? Maybe you even wanted to click on the image. Maybe you did… Are you asking yourself: Do I need search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) to succeed? In today’s dog-eat-dog business environment, you need every little nudge you can get. Of course, you’ll need to optimize your site for those mobile users and search algorythms, but that can’t replace some in-your-face internet marketing!

I can go over your products and/or services with you and help you decide how you’ll want to market yourself. Maybe you feel that what you got is so interesting and unique, you’d get 900 out of 1,000 people hooked.

If that’s the case, Facebook’s pay-per-impression style might be just for you. Every time a Facebook user sees your ad, you’ll be charged a little something, but you won’t have to pay extra once they flock to your site.

What about if you are aiming at a specific audience and the majority of the people who see your ads might not click on them, but the ones that do are likely to give you a call? Google’s PPC might be more up your alley, then. With their AdWords method, you’ll be charged upon each click on the ad that ends up leading an internet user to your site.

Not satisfied with the common methods and looking to break away from the mold? We can explore alternative advertising methods. It’s all about creating a custom-made plan tailored to you and then sticking to it – that’s what’s going to yield results.

Search engine marketing can be difficult to define, but also fairly easy at the same time – you show Google, Bing and Yahoo users what you’re offering and hope they’re interested. Here’s a little something to think about – if your product or service is good, and it probably is because you were keen enough to seek me out, it’s only a matter of getting to your audience. My favorite part of it all? You can almost always find an audience, especially if your brick and mortar business is doing ok.

Of course, there are no guarantees – not if you’re flying solo and combing through the dense jungle of keywords and demographics. Why risk losing money that you could have spent on results? Ads cost money! It’s a billion dollar industry for a reason!

You want to make every ad count instead of shooting blanks on your way to taking down the big game. If you’d like, we can do a test run and I’ll show you what makes money and what you need to get rid of. It’ll give you a solid foundation for your future internet marketing efforts – I mean, you’ll have to start more campaigns once you start expanding, right?

Your competitors don’t know anything special, but they might still be making your life more difficult. It’s time to outwit and outgun them through some clever internet marketing. By the time we’re done, they should be begging you to partner up because they find the biz too stressful. It’s time to let the world know why your product is better than others and why your service does more for less – it’s time to stop sitting in the shadows of Google’s back pages and step out into the spotlight instead.

Social Media Management

Tweets, shares, likes, posts… Ain’t nobody got time for that. You have to run a business so you can pay yourself and your employees. Social media management isn’t about trying to be everywhere. It’s understanding where your customers and potential customers are hanging out and engaging with them and providing value. Using social media to enhance your business is what we are about doing. Not getting you to spend hours sending out meaningless tweets, posting crazy cat videos to Facebook… It’s about managing how you interact and help people who are interested in your business. Period.

Getting on social media for the first time can be frightening. It’s like you’re becoming a part of a whole new system. You’re worrying about privacy, being stalked by someone, stalking someone… Even those with personal profiles on Facebook and Twitter can feel at a loss when trying to figure out how to ‘upload’ their business to a social media site. Filling out pages like Google+ or LinkedIn is fairly easy. Even Facebook can seem static – you probably won’t be posting much on your business page aside from important announcements.

But then you get to Twitter, and you realize you can’t get away with filling out and logging out – constant updates are where it’s at. Moreover, you won’t want to not use the site once you realize the impact it can have on the success of our business – you’ll feel compelled to get the most out of the site, but how? Yikes!

social media management revved business san antonio texas

Luckily, there’s ways you can take some of the load off your back. For starters, there’s Revved social media management. With all the experience we’ve had managing every aspect of a person’s business to make it reach its full potential, we’ll share social media tricks with you that will make your head spin – in a good way!

There are also helpful tools that will do some of the job for you. Most of them require a small fee to be paid on a monthly basis, but think about this: if people are spending their whole day on Facebook instant messaging and working on their virtual farm, you better believe you can get sucked into social media with the potential of adding some serious dough to your revenue. Tools that help you read statistics or make announcements instead of you based on a predetermined posting schedule can save you hundreds of hours. You can use that extra time to increase your revenue in other ways, play some golf or, you know, meditate to deal with all the stress involved in running a business.

Once you’ve got your target audience set – consumers who might not yet realize they NEED your product – you can focus on making your competition seem insignificant. They will be the ones with a bland Twitter page that’s almost never used, while you engage your clientele and give them a chance to think of you as a commoner instead of a big, bad CEO of a company.

It’ll take a while before you have enough data to create a proper schedule inclusive of the best time to post, best audience to target and the ideal frequency of updates regarding deals or new services. Once you do, however? Things will tend to run themselves – between software and employees to whom you can… have the honor of relegating the prestigious task of using the company Twitter, you can focus on other aspects of improving your business. Most likely, it’ll be ever-so-slowly expanding your area of influence and the audience you reach out to until, hopefully, you’re running the Coca-Cola of your particular niche.

Reputation Management

Lights blazing and sirens screaming… Your business just got pulled over by a disgruntled customer… Look, you certainly can’t please everyone and people understand that. Sometimes no matter what you do, you get someone who just won’t be happy with anything you do. We get it. And that can easily be handled. Now if you are constantly being pulled over and ticketed, that is an entirely different situation that needs to be fully turned over to the judge for a stern looking at. Might be time to make some changes in your business and get some representation for your reputation…

reputation management online reviews revved business san antonio texas

No matter who you are or what you’re doing, your reputation precedes you. It’s no different when it comes to businesses – in fact, a bad reputation can cost you your livelihood. You can pay big bucks for advertising and appearance, but it won’t mean much if your prospective clients get online and read bad reviews from disgruntled customers who feel they’ve been ripped off.

Few things can have as big of a negative impact on your business as bad reputation, no matter the type of service you’re actually providing. While people can and will be drawn to your business with proper marketing, they’re also smart enough to check what your business is ‘really’ like by assessing how satisfied your former clients are. No, the randomized messages on your website saying “I loved doing business with them! – Sally, Texas” aren’t nearly enough. What do most people think when they see this?

“Of course they’ll put this on their site, I want to see some real feedback!” And then they go on well-established review sites like Google+ or Yelp. Let’s get one thing straight – I’m not really here to help you to fool people into thinking you are doing a good job when you aren’t. If your service isn’t as good as it should be, you need to focus on improvements before worrying about reputation. No amount of internet marketing wizardry or black magic can stop the spread of negative opinions. That being said, good businesses can often have difficulties letting people know they exist, and might even get negative reviews from some nut job customers – these reviews can stick out like a llama running wild on a NASCAR race track.

To make things easier, I’ll split the type of customers in need of reputation management in two main groups:

  • The first group (and more fortunate than the second) is local business owners just needing to create a reputation for themselves. Having a bad rep sucks, but not having any rep can be almost as bad – you and your business will be off the radar while everyone flocks to businesses they deem more ‘established’. So how do you spread word that there’s a business (maybe even established for years) in town that people should consider working with? You can start by asking your customers to leave a review on one of the sites. Maybe add an incentive by rewarding people for making reviews, good OR bad. It’s important that you don’t come off as insisting on a positive review – that can seem like you’re trying to manipulate your future clientele (which you are, technically, but in an honest way!). Of course, this can be a double-edged sword, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve minimized the possibility of customer dissatisfaction by asking several of your customers.


  • The second group is in a bit of a pickle – they’re already suffering from bad rep, be it word-of-mouth or online. This position can make many business owners despair along the lines of “Word got out that I should be avoided. I’m screwed!” Yes, having negative reputation can be extremely limiting and make you wish you took up pottery instead of running a business, but it’s manageable. In these cases, we focus on creating enough positive reputation that it overshadows any bad impressions left. While we can help you get out of bad rep-influenced sticky situations, if you have a ton of people warning others to stay away from you, it might be time to ask yourself what you’re doing wrong.

Local Search Marketing

Local search marketing… seriously, can you have any more crazy terms? Hang on… we’ll try. Remember the “advertising, advertising, advertising” we talked about with SEM… gotcha. Yeah, up the page a bit. Location is crucial for people finding your business on their smartphones, tablets and computers. If you are not listed in the search engines and directories on the web, your business is literally invisible. So, we work our magic to make your business show up on the radar and put you in front of potential customers… and crush your competition.

Anyone who knows what they’re talking about will tell you that putting yourself out there is a key ingredient of a happy life. After all, if other people don’t know you exist, how can you expect to have a good time? It’s very much the same with businesses, actually. Having your business information listed on a single page is a lot like having a single friend – a start, but not nearly enough.

You’ll want to go for the other end – have your citations a.k.a. NAP (name, address and phone number) local business name everywhere on the web: search engines, blogs, review sites, industry-specific pages… Each of these listings will do a little something to establish you further, and you never know – a single plain old citation could land you a client you’ll be doing business with for years to come. You start from the basics – once you got your Google and Bing local listings, it’s time to let those search engines and business directories know about you.

local search marketing revved business san antonio texas

Make it your mission to almost annoy people with your presence – every time they search for someone who can do the job in your area, your business info will be among the top results. There are hundreds of these NAP directory listings. You don’t have time to get listed everywhere, so let Revved handle your local business listings with our local search marketing.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: there’s lots of money to be had from blogs. The lucky (or savvy) ones have a horde of dedicated readers, and can do wonders should they choose to help you promote your site. They’re generally well-aware of this, however, so even if your local business fits somewhere on their page (say you’re doing what they’re talking about), you might need to compensate them somehow.

Let’s get one thing straight – today, people don’t need to struggle to find a business that will offer the products or service they need (not if it’s legal, anyways). All of your competitors are flaunting their citations wherever they can, and the sad reality of it is that your two listings will be fairly insignificant when competing against the same type of business – and in the same area – that has dozens of citations all over the web. Not a fun spot to be in!

We can help you build your list of NAP citations up to a point where you’ll have to turn off your cell to have some peace of mind. We’ll show you how your competitors get to their clients before you do, and we’ll use the same methods – and better ones – to make them wish they took up a different trade!

Of course, we’re not saying it will be easy. Building a business takes time – this goes for every part of the process. Sure enough, corporate giants can open up an office at a new location by the time your coffee’s done, but us common folks need weeks or even months to set up shop. It’s the same online – search engine presence doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s doable – with the right know-how. Don’t be one of those companies that’s always struggling to obtain leads despite manageable competition – we’ll put in the work and, together, build you up into a big player on the field.

PPC Online Advertising

PPC or Pay Per Click is advertising online for your business. You know, the ads that show up in your Facebook feed or when you do a search on Google or Bing. Yeah, those ads. Ever click on them? Probably. Do your customers looking for products and services? You better believe it! When used in combination with the other local internet marketing and a solid strategy, you can literally print money with PPC online advertising… well, that wouldn’t be legal, but you can bank some bones for your business…

ppc online advertising revved business san antonio texas

Advertising can be scary, and we don’t say that just because people might get angry over seeing content they don’t care about. No, creating a good advertising campaign is a tedious, year-long affair that will make your hairline gray – by the time you’re done, you better hope you have offspring that can take over your business for you immediately… Okay, it’s actually not that bad. Sure, it takes a little work and some knowledge – We’re hoping you’re ready to invest the former, because we got the latter!

You can advertise on TV, in newspapers, on billboards, on athletes’ shorts… But where you want to be advertising is the internet. The party is quickly moving online, and the things a person sees while surfing the web are no longer an afterthought – they become part of their everyday lives. Sounds like a place where you want your business to be, huh?

Online advertising with a budget is done either mainly on Google or Facebook. Choosing between them doesn’t revolve as much around site preference – in fact, the type of business you are running is much more important.

Are you someone in an extremely competitive industry that gets a ton of Google searches? You better have some savings in your pocket if you want to use Google AdWords. The tech giant charges some serious PPC advertising money for these types of businesses. Before running an AdWords campaign, make sure you can afford clicks with low-percentage conversion – We’d hate to see you make a dent in your bank account without feeling like you got a good deal.

If your industry is a smaller one without as much competition, perhaps the right Google ads campaign could do wonders for you. Still, remember that Google advertising is still more expensive than doing the same on Facebook, which makes sense to those who consider it more effective. Why do they?

Well, if you thought pay-per-click was bad because you’re charged for people checking out your site, wait ’till you see what Facebook has in store: pay-per-impression. That’s right, you’re being charged for people just seeing your ads, regardless of whether they go on your website and much less whether they end up using your service.

Yet many believe that imprinting an image in people’s minds is often enough, and I’m often in agreement with them. Do you have attractive-enough ads? People can remember them for months and might come to your site later on, of their own accord.

Of course, you’ll need some help setting up your campaign and targeting the users you want to be targeting – that’s where I shine. Facebook’s advertising interface is easier to use but starved of details. Google’s has plenty of customization, which also makes it too hard for newcomers – you need to know how to work around the not-so-useful keywords to find the ones that are really going to bring some traffic in.

Just make sure you have enough money set aside for this venture – once you’re out, the fun stops and you’re left to reap the rewards of a (hopefully) fruitful PPC advertising campaign.

Website Design

Ah, your website. The one you had your niece build on that free builder. Work of art. Great content. Bringing in loads of leads for your business… It’s not? You don’t say… But I have a beautiful website that I spent a wad of cash on. How’s that working out? Cheap or beautiful, if your website isn’t delivering phone calls and online inquiries for your business, it’s simply wasting space on a server somewhere. If you want to discover how good (or bad) your website truly is, click the button below and we’ll deliver the goods…

For better or for worse, we’re moving an ever-increasing chunk of our lives online. Want to find something out? Grab your smartphone or tablet and search away. Forget about hugging your friends and telling them how much they mean to you – liking their Facebook post is how you really show your affection!

Take a look around and you’ll see everyone around you glued to their mobile devices. Today, businesses are moving much of their operation online. Today, there are very successful businesses – especially local ones – that don’t really have headquarters, only a warehouse where the goods are stored. It’s all done through their website, often even without any phone calls involved.

Ask yourself a simple question: in a digital environment like this, how can I afford to have a shoddy, cheap-looking website?

website design revved business san antonio texas

The answer is: you can’t. Your site – oftentimes the main representative of your business – needs to look at least as polished and feature-rich as those of your competitors. Ideally, you’ll want to beat them to the punch by using better search engine optimization, a more attractive design and new features, but you definitely shouldn’t go ‘below’ what has now become a pretty high standard.

So, you’re probably going to have to hire a website-designing whiz who’ll get everything going, front and back. If you’re just starting your business, the fees many top-notch web designers ask for can seem astronomical, especially if they include some SEO stuff as part of their package. But this is one situation where you’ll want your inner Scrooge to take a backseat – attractive web design can be just what you need to set things in motion. Remember that a website can even help hide some ‘flaws’ or holes in your business that aren’t yet filled and are expected of up-and-coming companies (although you should definitely fill those holes ASAP!)

Of course, you could argue that a site that looks pretty but doesn’t work is, in some ways, worse than one made by a teenager using make-a-website software. Once things are running, think about how you can make them fly – for example, have you made sure that the site works great on mobile devices? It’s a pretty huge leap from having a site that ‘can’ work on mobile to one that does. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried browsing a non-mobile optimized site on your smartphone, but let me tell you – it’s a chore. And the search engines are now giving mobile-friendly sites priority, with the shift of search coming from smartphones and tablets. Again, here is where you need to mind your competitors: if a user can just go on a better-working site and get the same service, why should he or she waste time on clunky and difficult pages? Not to mention that, without mobile optimization, many fancy features that help you convert leads more easily might not work.

It’s all a matter of how you see your business: are you trying to be a college student trying to earn a couple extra bucks working out of his room and making lamps or bracelets, or are you the head honcho of a respectable business, developing your brand and making a name for yourself? If you lean towards the latter, get that professional website up and running!

9 Out Of 10 Of Our Clients Love Our Internet Marketing, 1 Out Of 10 Really Like Us.

We are focused on the success of our clients. And we don’t just say that, we actually mean it. There’s just this incredible satisfaction of seeing our work help our clients literally crush their competition. Boom!

“We highly recommend Revved!”

Our organization, Mental Health Grace Alliance, was looking to improve our website layout and overall performance. Shane Petty who owns and operates Revved Business was our choice and we were blown away with what they provided us. Revved began by giving us a professional analysis of our previous site’s functionality and presented how Revved would address all the issues and more… improving our SEO and web performance. Shane has extensive expertise and knowledge…he explained the “what” and “why” to the service we were receiving…no more trying to understand “support pages.” We got a design we love and saw results within days on key search phrases…we didn’t have any of this before. Revved is extremely professional and personable and worked to our specific needs. We found a new and secure home for our website needs and service. We highly recommend Revved! – Joe Padilla, CEO/Founder, Mental Health Grace Alliance

Revved Business was our go-to company to get our limo website launched and listed to be found on local business sites. Shane got the site optimized and submitted our business listing to so many directory listings. We were impressed how quickly our business listings started showing up and the phone started ringing! Revved is the real deal…

I am so glad that I chose Shane to help me with my business’ marketing, he was patient and generous as we tried to get our heads around his excellent marketing thinking. We are still working with him and glad to have him. Our business has doubled since we engaged him in 2013.

I opened up my own Water Conditioning Business in 2011. As with most start up businesses, I needed to get it on the web asap and get my local business marketing going! Shane Petty met with me and right away went to work on design, text and implementation of our site. I know the Water Conditioning & Plumbing business very well but setting up a web site was not my forte… He managed the project from start to finish and still continues to keep it fresh during our ever changing times! I would highly recommend Shane for your web design and local business marketing needs.

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