Lead Generation for Local Business

Small businesses and large corporations are both constantly trying to generate new business. Lead generation can be done a number of ways, such as through lead generation services, online marketing, tradeshows and more. Social media is the talk of the town for many businesses, but a large number of companies are just getting on board. Successful online marketers are using social media and seeing a positive impact from doing so. Did you know that companies [...]

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Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

You’ve heard it many times before: social media is where it’s at when it comes to promoting your business. It can increase public awareness of your brand, foster a connection with your customers and improve your search engine ranking. But how exactly can you achieve these results when you’re just starting out? After all, it feels like an uphill battle when you’re struggling to gain interest in your profiles. Well, at Revved Business, we believe the [...]

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Benefits of Mobile Optimization For Your Website

When you’re out to eat at a restaurant, or maybe in line at the grocery store, or even just sitting on your couch, you’ll generally notice one common factor—everyone surrounding you is glued to his or her phone. And this includes your potential customers. Did you know almost 80% of smartphone users look up information on their phones while they are in a store contemplating a purchase decision? And you yourself have probably been to [...]

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Google Offers now available for iPhone

The Google Offers app has been added to the Apple iTunes Store as a free download. The app is designed for the iPhone, but it can also be used on the iPad. The Google Offers app functions much like the Groupon, but according to several of the reviews on the iTunes Store, there are many more offers available.   The Google Offers app has been available for Android for over 8 months now and according [...]

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Google Offers for Local Businesses

Google is moving quickly into the local offers space. Google Offers for local businesses is currently still in beta, but they already have nearly 40 US cities "testing" the offers. Google is also launching Google Offers to appear in Google Maps on the Android mobile platform. With the increase in the use of mobile devices and consumers searching for deals and coupon offers, this has the potential to have a huge upside to local businesses. [...]

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