Mobile apps for local businesses

Customers are mobile. Your business needs a way to engage with mobile customers looking for products and services. Revved Business specializes in developing mobile apps for local businesses. Check out the mobile apps for local businesses video:

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Apple Maps – Are you lost without Google Maps?

Regret updating to iOS6 because you lost Google Maps? Apple released their iOS6 update and if you're like me, you got a notification on your iPhone. Typically I wait to update my devices for a few weeks to let the bugs get worked out. If you updated to iOS6 without realizing that Apple has removed Google Maps and replaced the app with Apple Maps, you could be facing some disappointment. Apple Maps simply doesn't have [...]

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Mobile apps can increase customer retention

Small businesses face the challenge of not only getting potential customer's attention, but then keeping that person as a customer. A mobile app can help to not only get in front of potential customers, but also engage that customer via the app to increase customer retention. According to RSR Research and the article on, "Customer Retention and Loyalty Seen a Big Battle for Retailers," business owners number 1 concern is customer retention, especially during [...]

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