In Part 1 of our HVAC Digital Marketing Case Study, we took an in-depth look at the air conditioning and heating industry. Then, in Part 2, we introduced you to our HVAC client and shared some of their unique struggles. To combat these challenges, our team created a customized multifaceted marketing strategy for their business. For this particular client, our main focus was on reputation marketing, generating organic website traffic, and creating display advertising. Now, it’s time to take a look at the results.

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Can digital marketing really make a difference for HVAC contractors?

As we first began work with our HVAC client, we pressed them to answer these questions:

  • How is your HVAC company unique?
  • What are your specialties?
  • How do you exceed your customers’ expectations?
  • Why should a potential lead choose you over a competitor?

We explained that if they couldn’t answer these questions, then their leads definitely wouldn’t be able to—which brought us to their website. Their website is the focal point of their online lead generation. Its focus is on converting visitors to leads, while also telling their company’s story.

After a year of hard work, it was time to take a look at those same questions and examine the results. The transformation was obvious…

Website Traffic

In terms of SEO and website traffic, we were able to stabilize our client’s search engine rankings to hold most positions on page 1 of Google for popular industry search terms—such as “air conditioner” and “air conditioning units.” We also established 14 local area rankings within the Google Map Pack. In our review, we saw a 200% increase in average monthly traffic, from 93/month in 2016, to 281/month in 2017. Looking at the big picture, that organic monthly traffic would’ve been equivalent to a monthly Google AdWords spend of $14,050 by our client.

Reputation Marketing

Our reputation marketing also made a huge impact on our client’s Facebook and Google reviews. We implemented a plan to respond to all customer reviews and increase the number of reviews our client received. Our client saw an 800% increase in the total number of reviews overall, with an average rating of 4.7 stars. We also created a social media strategy that involved posting at least 1x per week on our client’s Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages. This also involved the creation, publishing and sharing of our client’s weekly blog post from their website.

Display Advertising

Finally, we were able retarget website visitors and market to cold news/interest websites (such as CNN, ESPN, Fox News, the Weather Channel and many others) using display advertising banners—which moved our client’s current pixels to 2,710 tracking for 90 days. From November to January, our client received a total of 83 clicks—which Google AdWords spend at $50/click would’ve come to a total of $4,150.

Learn More About How This Strategy Can Work for You in Part 4

In the end, the numbers the speak for themselves. As we move into Part 4, we’ll take a final look at our HVAC digital marketing case study. From initial insights on the heating and cooling industry to a breakdown of a multi-faceted strategy—can this type of digital marketing work for you? We’ll find out in Part 4.

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