Regret updating to iOS6 because you lost Google Maps?

Apple released their iOS6 update and if you’re like me, you got a notification on your iPhone. Typically I wait to update my devices for a few weeks to let the bugs get worked out.

If you updated to iOS6 without realizing that Apple has removed Google Maps and replaced the app with Apple Maps, you could be facing some disappointment. Apple Maps simply doesn’t have all the functionality of Google Maps and some users are reporting inaccurate directions and re-named cities and locations.

Kick Apple Maps to the curb, get Google Maps back

If you want to get Google Maps back onto your device, you can do the following:

ios6 apple google maps pin

  • Go to
  • Google Maps will open in Safari
  • Click on the pop-up “Add to Home Screen”
  • You’ll now have a shortcut to get to Google Maps

Not the “cleanest” method to get Google Maps back on your iOS device, but currently the only option.