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Small businesses and large corporations are both constantly trying to generate new business. Lead generation can be done a number of ways, such as through lead generation services, online marketing, tradeshows and more. Social media is the talk of the town for many businesses, but a large number of companies are just getting on board. Successful online marketers are using social media and seeing a positive impact from doing so. Did you know that companies who are actively managing social media campaigns have seen comparatively high conversion rates as well as healthy engagement rates? If you’re wondering how to nurture your lead generation for local business, Revved Business is happy to share these simple steps for greater success.

lead generation for local business


You may have made contact with a lead once… or maybe you haven’t. Social networks are a great way to reach out leads directly through mediums other than email or the phone. Many social media users have found that Twitter is one of the strongest social media channel for lead generation for local business. It even outperforms Facebook and LinkedIn 9-to-1 with 82% of social media leads coming from Twitter. Lead generation and lead nurturing efforts can be improved as your sales and marketing teams connect with these people and business decision-makers on social networks.

  • How to Find Them: You have their contact information. Use it to find and connect with these prospects on networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • How to Connect: Personalize your connection requests, especially with LinkedIn. If you’re asking someone to become a fan of your company on Facebook, provide them with a valid reason they should.

Engage with your followers

Engagement with prospects can mean different things for different businesses, but the often overall goal is to create a deeper relationship with those potential customers. Engagement involves your business providing value to these leads via social networks. At Revved Business, we know that website engagement from different social media channels varies, but we’ve found that LinkedIn leads the pack while Twitter shows the lowest page views per visit. We always suggest that you tweet prospects directly to let them know when an event is taking place in their industry. Also, aim to become a thought leader for your customers to turn to by providing content that can help them gain new insight into how to be more successful. Share your content and the content of others—you don’t want to be overly self-promotional.

Convert your leads

Of course, when it comes to lead generation for local business, conversion is the ultimate goal. Connecting and engaging a lead are necessary steps in order to convert a lead into a customer. Social media can be the final point of contact between a prospect and your business or brand, so make each touch point count. Additionally, while social media can be very useful, most businesses can also enhance their online and offline reputations through networking and thought-leadership work. What exactly does that mean? Well, examples might include speaking at a conference, conducting a webinar or even publishing a blog post. Whether you know it or not, you’re likely an expert in your profession, even if you’re not a doctor, a lawyer or an accountant, and you can certainly differentiate yourself from the crowd by joining and leading the conversation.

The return on investment for thought leadership may not be measurable at first, but over time it will be, if done effectively. In this specific case, it would make sense to speak at an event designed to help early-stage entrepreneurs run their businesses. This may be at a business incubator, a small-business conference or the local chamber of commerce or a small-business development center. Plus, it doesn’t cost anything other than your time.

This is just the beginning when it comes to incorporating lead generation for local business into your company’s marketing strategy. If you want more tips, or if you’d like some help with this, feel free to contact our marketing gurus at Revved Business.

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