Most of us can’t get through a single week without purchasing a service from a small business. Whether we’re visiting the neighborhood car wash, having an office painted, or getting a home refrigerator repaired, we need the services of a local entrepreneur. It’s the local, one-to-one aspect of service marketing that makes it so different from marketing the average product. The very word “service” implies a more personal interaction. And if your company is all about providing a great service, a marketing campaign that builds relationships is essential to your success. Revved Business is here to help with marketing for the service industry.

As a small business ourselves, we understand that people are constantly on the hunt for a good service business. No matter the type of service, customers are looking for reputable and reliable providers. All you need is to connect with them, and there are plenty of cost-effective ways to make that possible.


Marketing for the Service Industry: Keys to Success

It might seem obvious, but you should make efforts to keep in touch with your loyal clientele. While we can’t recommend a “one-size-fits-all” protocol of how often to call, email or place coupons in the mail, ask yourself, “At which point do I become annoyed by businesses that contact me?” The answer should determine how often communications should be sent by your business. Customers like to be remembered, but they don’t want to be annoyed. Good service is worth talking about, and courteous customer service can build a great word-of-mouth following.

Solid customer relationships are built on trust. So it’s natural that customers want to learn as much as they can about your company and the people that stand behind it. The vast majority of both male and female shoppers do research on the web before making a purchase. Having a company website is a smart and affordable way to convey in-depth information about your service for the service industry

Utilize Incentives

Depending on the size of your community, there could be many other options for services just like yours. So how do you attract new customers? Everyone wants a deal, and special promotions are a great way to satisfy that want. While a successful promotion might cut into your profits, it could also bring new customers through your doors. Just remember to strike a balance between your pricing needs and your customer’s perception of a good deal.

Customers who’ve had positive experiences with your company’s services in the past will happily return. But tempting new customers requires making a special offer. Businesses that provide home services, such as rug cleaning, painting, home heating or air conditioning, can benefit by sending consumers coupons through a mail provider, such as Valpak. You can choose households by ZIP code, and your coupon offer will be mailed in an envelope with others. Although you won’t have the undivided attention of your consumer, mail from a known mail provider is often well-received. It also runs for a fraction of the cost of stand-alone direct mail. For long-term results, create a special offer that will motivate new customers to make more than a single purchase.

Stay Active on Social Media

In addition to creating a website for your business, consider creating business pages and profiles on social media networks. Once your pages are all set up, stay on top of them by responding to customer inquiries and posting valuable and relevant updates. This will help you build a following. And even if the immediate recipient of your social media marketing isn’t buying what you’re selling, he or she can still easily share your offer with someone they know.

It costs considerably less to keep a customer than to win a new one, so it’s smart to maintain a campaign to upsell or resell existing customers. In fact if you’re not communicating with your customer database at least every four to six weeks, you’re missing opportunities to grow your business. Use a combination of social media and marketing tactics to stay in touch, such as alternating sales calls with email and social media posts.

Take Part in Community Events

Be kind to your neighbors. Other established local businesses have their own clientele. So if you treat these businesses with respect, and since they may be only able to handle a certain amount of clientele, they may just refer some clients to your services. A promising way to connect with your community is by getting involved in the local club or Chamber of Commerce. These assemblies can connect you with other businesses that embrace cooperative interaction.

Learn More about Marketing for the Service Industry

These are just a few simple ways to get your marketing off the ground for your service industry business. The success of your marketing campaigns is dictated by the quality of your offerings and your ability to communicate that quality to your target market. Not all marketing techniques will work with every target market, so test your methods until you find an effective strategy. Go big on that strategy until something even better comes along. For additional help with marketing for the service industry, don’t hesitate to contact our Marketing Gurus at Revved Business.

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