You’ve heard it many times before: social media is where it’s at when it comes to promoting your business. It can increase public awareness of your brand, foster a connection with your customers and improve your search engine ranking. But how exactly can you achieve these results when you’re just starting out? After all, it feels like an uphill battle when you’re struggling to gain interest in your profiles.

Well, at Revved Business, we believe the trick is starting right now, remaining consistent and being patient. Every business starts somewhere with their social media efforts. And if you can handle putting in a little elbow grease, you can gain traction in no time. So, what can you do this very second to improve your presence? Here are 3 social media tips for small businesses.

Commit to a few consistent accounts 

One or two consistent accounts have greater value than three or four with sporadic activity. So feel free to jump ship on the ones that aren’t working for you. How should you choose which accounts to keep or toss? Think along these lines: Does hardly anyone read your blog, but people love your Pinterest boards? Stick to Pinterest. Do people ignore your updates on Facebook, but retweet and favorite your posts on Twitter? Stick to Twitter.

If you’re still unsure of which platforms will get the best results, find out where your customers like to hang out. For example, research has shown that:

  • Women are more likely to use Facebook than men and it’s a popular network for seniors.
  • Twitter is primarily used by people under 50 who are college educated.
  • Instagram users are mostly women and young adults ages 18-29.
  • Pinterest is dominated by women and somewhat popular with young people. The over 50 crowd is slowly growing interest in Pinterest as well.
  • LinkedIn is a hotspot for college graduates and higher income households.

Think before you post

Have you figured out what your purpose is on social media? Without one, you’re taking shots in the dark with your posts and hoping for something to stick. And trust me, hardly anything will stick without a strategy. Are you hoping to gain brand awareness? Do you want people to click through to your website? Do you want to grow your list of sales leads? Choose your main goal and always keep it in mind when you develop content.

Then find out what your audience is interested in seeing. And if you have no clue, check out the feeds of your followers and competitors. Analyze what they post to see what has people talking and what doesn’t.

Lastly, develop a post schedule on Facebook or with social media dashboard platforms like HootSuite. Your accounts are far easier to manage when you plan ahead.

Provide value with your content

Are most of your posts related to your business’s products? Let’s put an end to that right now. When your posts are primarily self-serving, you run the risk of losing reader interest. And that means less engagement. People go out of their way to share, like or comment on information that they feel is valuable, especially when it comes from a blog.

Focus on content that moves readers to act without being overtly salesy. Once they trust you, you’ll have more success selling to them.

In the end, just remember to take it a step at a time. An organic social media following doesn’t grow overnight. But with effort your business will start to make a mark on social media. Keep in mind the worst thing you can do is let your accounts go dormant. Stay consistent and stay engaged and your presence is bound to pick up steam. And if you have any questions at all, remember you can always reach out to our marketing gurus at Revved Business.

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