With billions of users, Facebook marketing for your small business is a powerful tool you can use to promote your goods and services. However, a lot of small business owners don’t really give their Facebook business page much thought after the initial setup. Many don’t know what to post or feel like keeping up with it is not worth the time or effort. If you are in this same boat, try thinking of your business Facebook page as a fun way to connect with current and potential customers, instead of as a hassle. The way to be successful promoting your business for free on Facebook is by using it for what it’s meant for: a social network.  Revved Business is happy to share our insight on some of the best tips and tricks for Facebook marketing for your small business.

facebook marketing for your small business

Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Your Small Business

It only takes about 15 minutes to set up a Facebook business page, but if you want to have success marketing your business on Facebook, you will need to spend at least 1-2 hours a week on the site. This time will be spent creating engaging posts and also responding to people who interact with your page.

There are three primary benefits for of using Facebook marketing for your small business. First, it’s free. There is no cost associated with having a Facebook business page, and it’s free to post and share content. Secondly, you can promote your products and services. Once you have a fanbase, you can sell your products to them without marketing costs. You can also update your fans to let them know about any special events or deals that your business is running.  Third, you can interact and stay top of mind with your customers. Facebook is a great platform where you can engage with your customers, listen to what they have to say, and respond to their comments. By posting pictures and statuses, you can let people know what your business is up to. This allows you to stay top of mind with your existing and potential customers. This way when they make their next purchasing decision, they will think of you and not your competitor.

Add keywords to your ‘About’ page

Keywords are terms that will let people know what your business is about. For example, keywords for a garage door repair company  would be “garage door installation” and “overhead door repair.” Be descriptive in this section and use as many characters as Facebook allows. By filling out this section clearly, you will not only let visitors to your page know more about your business, but you are also informing search engines like Google.

Customize your Facebook URL

When creating your page, you can choose a web address (i.e. www.facebook.com/yourbusiness). This will give your page a professional and branded feel, and the URL will be easy to share with customers. Until you change it, your URL will include a bunch of random numbers. This will make it difficult for your customers to remember and find you on Facebook. Note that you can only change the URL once, so make it a good one.

Take advantage of Facebook ‘categories’

Make sure the category is representative of your business. Local businesses will want to choose the category “local business,” and then you can get more specific about your type of business by choosing up to three subcategories. For example, a nail salon can choose “nail salon,” “beauty salon,” and “cosmetics and beauty supply.”

Utilize customer reviews

Having multiple positive reviews is a great way to increase the chances of someone visiting your business. Ask loyal customers to leave a review. Or, offer a discount to people that write a review on your Facebook page. Note that your Facebook reviews can potentially show on Google and other search engine results pages, like the business below.

For additional help with Facebook marketing for your small business, don’t hesitate to contact our Marketing Gurus at Revved Business.

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