In today’s modern world of digital marketing, using a blog for your business website is a must. At Revved Business, we know that an active and well-written blog has the power to generate traffic and leads in a number of ways. First, it adds value to your website. In some cases, it even makes sense to put more effort into promoting your blog content than the parts of your website you might instinctively consider more important (a sales page for example). As we discussed, this is because blog posts are so much easier to promote due to their highly “social media friendly” nature—especially if you add a nice little social sharing widget in each of your posts. Visitors that enjoy your content (a particularly interesting or controversial post for example) are likely to share it with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Secondly, we can’t stress enough that the social nature of a blog encourages user interaction and keeps them engaged. A really good blog is likely to attract lots of visitors (depending on the niche or industry) and a significant number of these visitors might inadvertently create a little community of their own via the blog comments section. You might even attract other bloggers with high social value (called influencers) and be able to build a potentially useful relationship with them. As a side note, this is why interacting with your blog readers in the comments section is so important. An active community is one that is engaged with your content and your brand and represents a gold mine of marketing potential.

Third, creating a blog positions you as an expert in your industry. This is particularly important if the primary purpose of your website is selling some kind of product or service. People are more likely to buy something from someone they perceive to be highly knowledgeable about whatever they’re selling and about their niche on a whole. For example, would you rather set up your website with a hosting company run by someone you’ve never heard of or with a company that has an established track record of being run by experts in the web hosting industry? It could be as simple as a frequently updated blog detailing quick fixes to common server issues, or even some insightful commentary on the latest industry trends, expert content on any subject will inspire confidence in you and your company.

Your blog also provides additional entry points to your website for organic traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. You may have heard the phrase, “content is king,” and that is because search engines love fresh, useful, and relevant content which makes keeping a steady stream of high quality articles/posts flowing through your blog one of the most effective ways of bringing new visitors in. A little keyword research can tell you what your target market is most interested in reading about and creating high quality content on these subjects is an almost sure-fire way to get a steady influx of organic traffic from Google and other search engines.

Finally, you can use your blog to plug your own products and services to your loyal readers. This ties into some of our earlier points as well, but the value of this one can’t be stressed enough. Your blog can give you access to a huge set of readers that already trust your opinions implicitly. This puts you in an excellent position to rally them in support of any new products or services you might want to add (or anything else you might be trying to promote in the future). Love your readers and they’ll love you back.

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