There are 7 guaranteed factors that are impacting your local internet marketing. These factors can be identified easily and several can be addressed quickly. You probably get several phone calls a week claiming to be able to get you to the top of Google. What we are talking about with the 7 guaranteed factors are the critical areas that will keep you from marketing your local business effectively. This isn’t some scheme to get to the top of Google, although addressing these 7 factors will definitely help you get better results.

The 7 local internet marketing factors are: 

  1. Mobile-friendly website (Google mobilegeddon)
  2. Local search on mobile devices
  3. Online price shopping
  4. Local search ranking
  5. Local business listings (citations)
  6. Local business reviews
  7. Speed to follow-up with web leads

Local internet marketing can help you achieve the results you are looking for with your business. Many local business owners are simply too busy taking care of the the daily activities of running their businesses. We understand how challenging it can be to wear lots of different hats and working on different roles in your business. By allowing us to focus on the 7 local internet marketing factors, we can provide the additional prospects calling or coming in to your business asking for your products or services.

While it can seem like a challenge, we make the entire local internet marketing realm simple for our clients. We explain as much or as little as our clients would like to know. The 7 factors simply come down to a quick evaluation of where your business is today, followed by a plan of action that will begin to bring results to your business quickly. We always deliver results in advance so you can see that we are true local business marketing professionals and the results will speak for themselves.

The process of delivering local internet marketing is not difficult after we develop a game plan strategy and then launch our tactical process. We provide reports to track the progress of the search engine marketing as well as the local citations that we add for your business. We are confident that you will be astonished by the local internet marketing results that we deliver for your business.

Revved Business works with local businesses in San Antonio, Texas to help them achieve better local internet marketing results. We are a results-driven local marketing company that specializes in delivering results in advance, so our clients know exactly what to expect before they spend a dime.

Give us an opportunity to show you how we roll… call us at 210-880-5010.

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