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Local business optimization, or what’s sometimes referred to as local search marketing, can be relatively cost effective but very complex. Fortunately, you’ve got help. At Revved Business, our digital marketing strategies are focused on enhancing your lead generation and increasing your online visibility. Whether your business operates out of one retail location, multiple locations, or no locations at all. It’s likely that your business information is already featured and listed on several sites that you’re not even aware of. From search engine maps, review site, Yellow Page directories, local directories, business directories, and even niche or industry specific directories. And to put the icing on the cake, it’s not enough to just be listed. You need to ensure that your local search listings are accurate, optimized, and verified.

If all this is making your head spin, it should. But take a deep breath, because Revved is here to help. Local search marketing is critical to the overall search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for all professional businesses—attorneys, architects and engineers. Every day, local consumers are searching on their mobile devices for your services. While it’s easy to be searchable, it’s not so easy to be findable. And once you’re found, you don’t have much time to make an impression. Potential customers are in a hurry, they’re busy and they have an immediate need for your product or services. If your website can’t clearly portray your message and your purpose, then that potential customer might be gone forever. To ensure that they make it to your website and actually stick around, it’s important to encompass mobile friendly design, search engine optimization, usability, and lead conversion into your website’s design.

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Over the years, we’ve found that many attorneys don’t get new clients and files because they’re unfamiliar with today’s marketing tactics, or they waste time on the wrong activities or services, or even still, they can’t find a way to get in front of the right potential clients. Some other lawyers believe that if you do good work, people will automatically come to you. And they’re wrong. People need reminders. Others have said, give it some time, and business will come. While it’s true that it might take some time, it’s also true it will take some effort—and that effort should be focused towards lead generation and online visibility. At Revved Business, we’ve learned that the key to online visibility and lead generation starts with a great local search optimization strategy, or a plan to enhance your local SEO.

To start this process, our team begins with an audit, which helps us understand where your website, and your law firm in general, stands in relation to critical search engine indexing and ranking perspectives. From search engines to social media, any mention of your business that includes your contact information should provide the right name, address, phone number, and website URL. Our clients are often surprised by how many places their company is listed. From Google, Yahoo and Bing, to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and review sites like Yelp and Angie’s list, your law firm should always have consistency and reliability in your online presence. With Revved Business on your side, we can help with all this and more.


When it comes to the architectural industry, one of the most disheartening things to hear when conducting a debrief for a lost opportunity is, “We felt any of the last few firms could have done the work.” If you feel strongly that your architectural firm was best suited for the project, then it’s quite possible that the message about how your firm was different and best able to help wasn’t clear enough. As an architect, it’s up to you to clearly communicate to clients what differentiates your practice from your competition. Most small architecture firms don’t have huge budgets or a large enough staff to dedicate to marketing, so it’s important that you’re smart and strategic in how you spread the word about your company and bring in new work.

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Our marketing team at Revved Business has quickly learned that today’s world is run by the use of iPhones, smartphones, tablets, and countless other mobile devices. The ability to access information on the go has become paramount, and you’ll rarely meet someone on the street who doesn’t have his or her cell phone attached at the hip. Because of this, the Internet has changed, which has ignited a change in the world of online marketing. Now, your architect firm’s website is your first impression, your digital business card, and your biggest opportunity to attract potential clients in your local area. In this society of constant connectivity, Google is even making efforts to include a page’s mobile compatibility into its rankings. Pulling all this together, it all comes down to one important fact. If you want to compete and standout, your website must be mobile friendly, search engine optimized, user-friendly, and enhanced for lead conversion. Working with Revved Business, you’ll quickly see success for your architect firm through our proven strategies focused on lead generation and increasing your online presence.

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Many engineers know what it feels like to be price-shopped, to have clients question engineering fees–to hear them say, “This was a lot more than we expected”–to wonder where the next engineering project will come from, and to always be plagued by the ‘feast or famine’ cycle of the industry. Between answering the phone, running to meetings and getting the work done, it feels near impossible to find time to build your business and expand your client base. Generally speaking, engineering firms aren’t natural marketing innovators. Marketing for engineering firms usually consists of event sponsorships and face-to-face networking. Marketing engineering services is very different from marketing many other products. The biggest difference is that you are selling an intangible concept as versus a physical product.

At Revved, we understand the importance of digital marketing for your engineering firm and your website—from mobile and user-friendly design, to optimizing your site for search engines and lead generation. We want to ensure that your engineering website is not only attractive, but that it’s also easy to navigate. We want your website to be popular with Google, Yahoo, and Bing, but we also want it to look awesome on a mobile device. Your site’s visual appeal should only be overshadowed by its ability to drive and convert traffic into measurable leads. Not to mention, your website should be personal to you and your engineering firm, yet relatable to all your potential customers. Your website should clearly portray what you’re all about—who you are, what you do, who your help, and how you do it. Our Revved Business team can provide you with an online marketing strategy and a mobile friendly website that you’ll absolutely love—and we guarantee it will bring you absolute results.