Thanks for checking out our about page. Did you know that the about page is the 2nd most visited page on a Website? Yeah, no kidding. Well, do a little do-diligence and read our fluff. Then give us a shout so we can get your local business tuned up and turning heads. Sleek, black convertible Ferrari style… if you know what we mean.

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Who Is Revved Business?

Revved Business is an online marketing and lead generation company that simply loves to help local businesses crush it. When we say crush it, we mean seriously take their business to a whole new level. Places they always dreamed. If you have a local business and need a shot of marketing over a flaming hot fire, hit us up and let’s talk shop. In less than 1,800 seconds, we’ll dish out some knowledge that will get your adrenaline pumping. Yeah, we walk with a John Wayne tough guy kinda swagger, but it’s not bragging if you can back it up. Dibs to Dizzy Dean. Message us and we’ll do something amazing for your local business. Cheers!

  • Get your local business ignited with phone calls and new customers.
  • People want to talk. Get them talking about your local business.

  • Cool like Fonzi and if you hang with us, you can be a cool cat too!

  • The San Antonio Spurs are our team. Cinco rings. Roll with the best…

  • We are world travelers. Mongolia was an adventure.


Shane Petty

Shane Petty
Shane PettyOnline Marketing Expert
I’m the head online marketing expert over at Revved Business. I have the pleasure of working with local business owners who entrust me with their reputations and delivering them more customers. I don’t take that trust lightly and it’s a great feeling to see them succeed.

Online Marketing Expert

I enjoy working with clients who are eager to understand and who allow me to help them build their local businesses. I’m particular who I work with. Yeah, I don’t just take on anyone who rings me up. That’s just how I roll. I only work with clients that want to grow their businesses and who will listen to my direction. If you are one of those types, let’s talk.
  • I’m flexible like silly putty and clever like Macgyver.
  • Roll with me and your local biz will go places.
  • Mindset is 80%. The rest is work.
I like to follow the 80/20 Pareto Principle with my business and the clients I work with. 20% of the efforts are going to deliver 80% of the results. I’ve been doing this long enough, eh 20 years or so, to know that mindset is the main factor in success with anything. I don’t sweat the small stuff, but I deliver results. If you want results for your local business, you know where to find me…
Seriously. You have 86,400 seconds today. How are you going to spend them? Work on your business and NOT in your business. Give me 1,800 seconds of your day and I can show you how you can revolutionize your business. I’ve got the expertise you need to your business phone ringing and counting cash… not seconds. Let’s do it.
I love to travel. I got my first taste of the international culture when I was 16 and went to the Soviet Union. Yeah, you know, before it was Russia. I’ve slug my love to Africa, China, Mongolia, Europe, Mexico, Honduras… All fantastic and unique adventures. I’ve got a few stories to tell, if you let me. And cars, well, the rev of the engine and the smell of leather on a brisk morning… nothing quite like it. Let’s roll and take your business on a free ride… well, not exactly free. But you won’t be complaining.

  • Ring ring… it’s more customers for your business.

  • Certified, top-grade marketing specialist…

  • Taking care of business… on “Overdrive”

Revved Business delivers results for local businesses. Like ring ring and cha ching!

Discover how we can batta bing in 1,800 seconds or less.
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